One Of My FAVIE Exercises.

Let me introduce you to one of my buddies.  His name is Lee Holden, and actually- ha ha ha, we have never met.  He has been my friend through many a youtube video.  And I love his energy and light that he brings to the world. When I first followed Lee and did one of…

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4 Reasons To Put Yourself First Momma

  You can’t pour from an empty cup.  In most of our culture we have really validated and given praise to martyrs.  Give, give and give.  It’s so noble and awesome.  While it is definitely true to serve and love others, I don’t believe that it needs to happen to the degree that it is.  Just…

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New Year’s Resolutions? REMEMBER these 5 things.

This is a really fun time of year.  We have holidays.   We have loved ones.  And especially at the beginning of the year it tends to be a time of reflection and goals for our upcoming year of life on earth. As much as I believe in goals and always striving upward, I believe…

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