It's time to SHINE

Let's clear your blocks, so you can be the person God wants you to be.

HEY!  Thanks for check'in me out.  Straight off the bat, I want you to know that if you believe you CAN do something ... I do too.


And MY GIFT - the thing I excel at ... is helping other people to EXCEL at doing what they were born to do.


My official label is a HIGH ACHIEVER Mentor or a SUCCESS COACH.  In addition to that, I'm a freak'in awesome Wife and Mom and you won't want to take me on in Basketball because I WILL smash you (okay ... I don't play anymore ... but I'm sure if I warmed up a little). But let's back up a bit.  That GIFT of mine (something I worked pretty hard to develop), will help you to: Get MORE done faster, better and more efficiently. IF YOU WANT RESULTS. I am your WOMAN. I can see the stuff in you, that you're not (yet) ... and I'll help you to dissolve your limitations and amp up your potential.




You and I both know that you are meant for BIG things, but somehow you've managed to play smaller than you're being called to. If you want to make this a past issue thing shoot me an email. We will see what your REAL desires and goals are and see if I'm the right one to help you get there. I know ALL about delaying the call to RISE and up-level your life.  But it's not that fun and it's not that cool. I paid tens of thousands of dollars and worked with my own Mentors to up-level my own life. If you've had ENOUGH and you are ready to say YES to you!  Then let's chat. 🙂

You wanna make a Quantum Leap? If it's a BIG, FAT, YEP ... you and I need to talk! Just email me at and you'll hear from me lickedee-split!!